Critical steps to no-till adoption

Rolf Derpsch (
No-tillage Consultant, Asunción, Paraguay

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Top ten critical factors for no-tillage adoption

  1. Improve your knowledge about the system, especially in weed control and plan for the change to permanent no-tillage at least 1 year in advance
  2. Analyze your soil (aim for a balanced nutrient and pH status)
  3. Avoid soils with poor drainage
  4. Level the soil surface
  5. Eliminate soil compaction issues before starting no-till
  6. Produce the largest possible amount of mulch cover
  7. Buy a no-till seeding machine
  8. Start on 10 percent of your farm
  9. Use crop rotation and green manure cover crops
  10. Be prepared to learn constantly and watch for new developments.

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